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Funding can be attained by artists based in Denmark for the production of works or projects in connection with exhibitions in Denmark and abroad.

Funding may be sought for the visual artist's expenses for materials, technical assistance etc. In addition, funding may be provided to cover the artist’s wages in connection with the production of the work(s).

Funding for the production of works has to be sought by the artist individually.

Prerequesities for attaining funding include:
- the artist resides permanently or conducts his or her principle artistic work in Denmark
- the work or project is a new visual art production
- the work or project is to be exhibited
- the work or project is not completed at the time of application

Please note that the pool for production is under the Danish Arts Council's Committee for Visual Arts (National). Be aware to make the correct selection when you fill out the application form. Please follow the application guideline.


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Marianne Abildskov

Tel:(+45)3374 4536



application form

application guideline


Deadlines 2007
January 16, April 16, August 16, October 16

Danish Arts Agency / Visual Arts Centre    H.C. Andersens Boulevard 2    Copenhagen DK-1553    Tel: +45 74 45 00